Friday, April 24, 2009


A long lost friend is found,
to an oath we are bound,
to always be in touch,
remembering how much
we missed sharing our thoughts,
and how hard we have fought,
to keep each other close
and cherished as a rose

For friendship never dies,
and friends never tell lies,
in each we can confide,
there is nothing to hide.
There's a joy in sharing,
there's pleasure in caring,
you are my special friend
from now until the end.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Emerald Island

Emerald Island is calling my name,
longing for it causes no shame;
I’m a proud descendent of the Irish,
watching three leaf clovers flourish.

I lose my key chain at least once a week,
a little elf plays hide and seek;
annoyed, I reach for the Irish whiskey,
mood lightens and I feel frisky.

St. Patrick’s Day is a gala affair,
I reach for something green to wear;
good luck and bad luck are in all my thoughts,
people without green will be caught.

The luck of the Irish is in my soul,
returning there soon is my goal;
Emerald Island is calling my name,
longing for it causes no shame.

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Rumors whirl like shooting stars,
as reputations are marred.
Loose tongues spreading vicious lies,
falsehoods somehow never die.

Thriving on maliciousness,
peeling away all goodness,
envy feasts on daily fibs,
gnawing on juicy, fat ribs.

A glutton goading deceit,
defamation it’ll next meet.
Its cocktail of spitefulness,
boasts of drops of ruthlessness.

Tunneling deep into souls,
spreading green throughout the holes.
Clinging like a parasite,
claiming its evil is right.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Final Trip

Discard emotional baggage,
move through life with lightweight luggage,
preparing for the final trip,
traveling without bags to grip.

Accept your foibles one by one,
forget the past – what’s done is done,
surround yourself with upbeat friends,
enjoy life to the very end.

Make an effort along the way,
to keep your emotions at bay,
concentrate on self-improvement,
focusing on development.

Be good to others – that is all,
and forgive yourself when you fall,
life doesn’t have to be so hard,
make mistakes – do not be on guard.

The final trip will come some day,
and you will be ready to say,
life was great – let’s see what’s ahead,
as the doctor declares you dead.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Deep Thoughts

I don’t answer the telephone,
or give the dog a juicy bone.
I don’t think about cooking meals,
or go shopping for steals.

I don’t report to work each day,
expecting to increase my pay.
So people say I’m negative,
and they recommend sedatives.

Psychobabble cannot help me;
empty those drugs into the sea.
I am reflective and searching,
then analyzing while perching.

Deep thoughts absorb my attention,
there’s no need for intervention.
I pursue them seeking their source,
I acquiesce, there is no force.

I want to tap my potential,
meditation is essential.
Mundane chores can be distracting,
while fresh thoughts are interacting.

So carry on and waste your time,
worry and fret over a dime.
Meanwhile I’m setting my mind free,
so that I can grow and be me.

Monday, March 9, 2009


Destiny took control of my life,
fighting, kicking, I opposed the strife,
objecting to life’s roller coaster,
my eye was captured by a poster.

“Roll with the punches”, it simply read,
“Live every minute until you’re dead”.
Yea, easier said than done, I mused,
debating the quote made me confused.

Why should I accept things I don’t like?
Isn’t it better to take a hike?
But I found I couldn’t run away,

destiny always has its own way.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Do Not Disturb

Genius at work, do not disturb,
I never thought to be perturbed,
with great respect, I tiptoed out,
contemplating this grand man’s clout.

A week, maybe two, came and went,
when I was one more time sent,
the office door was tightly closed,
I knocked then stepped back, smiled and posed.

Patiently waiting for someone,
confident a person would come,
soon I felt foolish standing there,
behind a door and no one cared.

Intending to bang on the door,
I was shocked hearing a man snore,
genius at work, do not disturb,
my hair bristled, I was perturbed.